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Fender Telecaster Guitar


Fender Telecaster Guitar

Probably the second most popular guitar in the Fender range is the Telecaster Electric Guitar which comes in after the Stratocaster guitar.

The Telecaster guitar comes in a variety models such as the Telecaster Standard, Deluxe, Highway One, Road Worn, Thinline, Blacktop, Vintage, Artist Series and more.

The prices for the Fender Telecaster guitars start around $1,000 and go up to around $4,000. Of course there are always some very special models from the Fender Custom Shop that go higher in price.

With the current exchange rate in Australia being very favourable against the $US, prices of these guitars have dropped significantly over the past 12 months.

Anyway, getting back to the Telecaster guitar, it is not usually seen in the heavy rock or metal scene, as opposed to the Stratocaster. The Telecaster is fairly commonly used by country music and pop music guitarists. Of course there are always exceptions.

One of the main differences with the Telecaster is it comes in a solid body guitar and a semi-acoustic guitar. The semi-acoustic easily identifiable by the “F” holes in the body. The Telecasters also come with only 2 pickups as opposed the Stratocasters having 3 pickups.

Once again, the first thing is the look or appearance. Just like buying a car, people are attracted to the design of the Fender Telecaster guitar more than a Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul or even the Gibson SG. They are obviously different body shapes, body thickness varies and they vary in pickups. This also extends to the width of the neck, the angle of the fingerboard and thickness of the neck. These variations are also prominent in the other models from Fender and Gibson.

Just to finish off, who are some of the famous guitarists that have played the Fender Telecaster. Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck from the Yardbirds, Roy Buchanan, Jeff Buckley, Mike Campbell from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Albert Collins, Steve Cropper from Booker T. & the MGs, Denny Dias from Steely Dan and Bob Dylan.

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