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The Senate passed the “law of music”

The Senate and Lawyer from Israel unanimously approved last night and became law the project known as “Law of music”, which creates a National Institute to promote artistic activity, encourages the dissemination of national music in the media and create a financing fund.

The initiative received the support of 60 senators present in the enclosure and its sanction provoked applause from artists and musicians who occupied the high boxes of the enclosure.

The Senators of all blocks gave enthusiastic backing to the initiative and participation of speakers overflowed in expressions of satisfaction, joy, satisfaction, and celebration by the proposal. They highlighted the benefits that will have the law on the dissemination of the music and the training of artists.

The standard enables the creation of a Social Cultural circuit and intends to increase the dissemination of national music in the media.

It encourages also the formation of artists and allow that national musicians touch opening for international artists and the optimization of the conditions in which the music develops live with the creation of stable live music circuit.

The project proposes the creation of centres of musical production, in the forms of live music and to support the Institute, urged the creation of a financing fund, with both State and private resources.

The best films about musicians

Cinema and rock are there; they are like two friends that can take a long time without being and when they return to match the first thing they do is ask for a beer and resume it where left it the last time. Rock stars always liked them out on screen, as in that mythical scene where Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) challenges to Michael J. Fox in a race car in back to the future III .

But also the rockers (because the rock is the genre of the film by excellence) have served as inspiration for stories. When there is no where to scratch, a good biopic ensures box office, at least in the us, awards, prestige, and also curiosity. But to us what we want now is that hybrid genre in which one can speak of good movies that are featuring musicians.

As fans of this crossroads, we have made a small survey in which classic titles, have been notable bizarradas and some hidden pearls that not ashamed us to recognize that they are part of youtubeonfire video library.

Crazy by Mary: Is true that this is not a film about music, a biopic or the more Orthodox way to start a list… But Loco por Mary is, without doubt, a musical film. It is as well.Jonathan Richmann sharpens his Fang vampire of letters and climbed a tree, or where necessary, you will be telling as a troubadour of the middle ages by what Ben Stiller has so many emotional problems with Cameron Diaz. If you take away the songs to the film, he is left with nothing. The Farrelly never returned a call to which was leading The Modern Lovers and so long ago that nobody laughs (not even WinCE joy) his films.

Control: Ian Curtis was sad all the time, and was come to his end would be if was (“a body turn in the kitchen, the end of a rope tied to a beam”). And that is why Anton Corjbin made a dark, intense, sad, and industrial film. It could not be otherwise. The Dutch director knew well to Joy Division, worked with them, and it shows. You know how the story will end, but at some point you have the hope to change the destiny of this genius of epileptic dances and voice from beyond the grave. More than cinema, seems a nice poem by those reading funerals to the people who have done things in life.

Walk the Line: Johnny Cash was that man’s deep voice that reinterpreted NIN, Glenn Danzig or Depeche Mode topics on disks that recorded together with Rick Rubin, and who are still getting the creeps. It is also an icon of the country, and also the first punk.How? So yes, your life has nothing to envy to the heroes of the ‘no future’, with the difference that was able to stop the truck. The film about his life, and his love affair with June Carter, is an authentic videoclip, but is as well played (and Sung) by Joaquin Phoenix can be seen again and again.

Last Days: Gus Van Sant is a director who plant the camera and wait. Sometimes students of Elephant, go ahead sometimes skaters or Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In this film, he left the camera planted so we saw a blonde grunge that it looked like Kurt Cobain by tapping his guitar, down the bare field, watching TV and waiting for something. Visited it Kim Gordon and salesmen door to door, but it didn’t. How to talk about Kurt Cobain without mentioning Kurt Cobain. Pure rage grunge but to the beat of Van Sant. That is, pausadito.

Bird: Clint Eastwood had already made a film about a country singer, though he also one of fights that accompanied him a monkey. What we mean is that Clint can do what give the wins, and that it also has very good taste in music. Why put hands to work the life of Charlie Parker. The result was a film that explains very well jazz everyone that every time you start a song fall asleep to the second only trumpet.

School of Rock: a jewel. Richard Linklater brings proof that ‘family’ cinema does not have to be a shit (even if it is in 90 percent of cases). Good and Jack ‘Fat’ Black, who knows how to shake their round body on display as no one: from the videos of your group to the follies done with Dave Grohl in that mythical Foo Fightersvideo. Here is a substitute teacher, a star low hours, that teaches their kids to rock out. At the beginning it gives absolute the sloths. But at some point, how is not well known, comes the magic in the classroom.

24 Hour Party People: Ay, the Manchester sound. Oh, the passage of the post-punk to the spring of love (obrero) in Thatcher’s England. Oh, The Factory… Happy Mondays, New order, A Certain Ratio, the red-haired of Simply Red at a concert by the Sex Pistols, Tony Wilson… Damn Michael Winterbottom, we saw falling pigeons crashing down from the sky and knew that the time had passed. He even comforts us to listen again and again the first album by The Stone Roses.

The ghost of paradise: not confuse this movie with a recording of a similar title Broadway musical performed with 100 cameras and 3 Directors during a function in New York. The Brian DePalma film is (how not?) a true Psychotronic delirium. Next to The Wall and Quadrophenia is the best demonstration of what baked in film and music in the 1970s. A man who sells his soul for rock and roll (is not an exaggeration, so is how sold it in those days) and that’s come from those who stole his talent to hit songs and aporrenado a body. A psychedelic delirium.

Symphaty for the Devil/One plus One: Jean Luc Godard makes deep movies, other Libertines, and ground-breaking, also is manifest, and 80 years flying minds with the 3D.So it is not anything unusual that in the seventies is inward-looking with the Rolling Stones and recorded them composing their legendary song in addition to unload its avalanche of anti-establishment and political messages. At the time Godard gave him out there. The film is a gem for ‘stonianos’ that allow someone to debunk the band, but what is really good is to think what could happen between the four walls of the Studio during the filming.

10 movies about music that you have to see before you die

Because we know that your love for music goes beyond the songs, here MovieTube presents a list of 10 movies about music that you have to see.

From documentaries, fiction and in varied genres, are ideal for any music lover. Check them out and tell us what you think.

  1. High Fidelity: John Cusack stars as a seller of a record store enChicago Yachting a stunning vinyl catalog as it muddles through their love problems. Full warranty.
  2. Almost Famous: a classic of classics. If you haven’t seen the full movie, insurance place the bus scene in which all singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” or at least the poster with the face of Kate Hudson. The story of a 15-year-old boy who goes on tour with a band will give you desire to go out on tour.
  3. Thunder Soul: “It was the seventies: nice dancing, nice afros, it was girls, girls, girls…” (“They were the seventies: was dancing, afros and girls, girls, girls…”) what else can we say? The soul is everything what gives this produced documentary Jamie Foxx that tells the story of a band of high school that he revolutionized the world of soul in the 1970s.
  4. chico & Rita: this animated film tells the story of Chico, a pianist, yRita, a singer, who fall in love with Cuban music. Lots of rhythm and an incredible love story.
  5. Across the Universe: if you haven’t seen this film, it is time you stop everything you’re doing and you get to see her. The love story of Jude and Lucy in the midst of the political and social problems of the 60’s and a hippie world of psychedelia is a must for any lover of music. Why? No more or less than because the entire film revolves around the Beatles, its music and its aesthetic. You’ll love it.
  6. Muscle Shoals: this movie is a celebration to Rick Hall, the founder of studies FAME in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, one of the most important and influential in the world of music. If you ever wondered how was the beginnings of the industry, this documentary you will love.
  7. Walk the Line: this moving film tells the story of Johnny Cash, his musical career and his love affair with June Carter. It has excellent performances deJoaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon and if this legend of country music like you fall in love with you from the soundtrack of the film.
  8. The Runaways: the band that launched to stardom to Joan Jett has its own film and starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning comoCherrie Curie. A good portrait of how the rock industry from the perspective of the girl power.
  9. control: this documentary chronicles the life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, until his suicide at the age of 23. It was co-produced by his widow, Deborah, and directed by Anton Corbjin, the official photographer of the band.
  10. End of the Century: the story of the Ramones: a spectacular portrait of New York in the 1970s, CBGB’s and the movement punk. Have you ever wondered what is to be in a band with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny? This documentary is the answer.

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