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Survey: How do you listen to music in 2016?

Music does not rhyme with GEEK

Music is omnipresent in our society. It is a way to socialize and exhacer our feelings … Drag on a caliente music, shed a tear in front of his favorite series featuring the tragic death of the main hero, play a video game on a sonorous sound And bourin, break his guitar and take a new turn in his life … Music accompanies us throughout our life. But what is the real profile of this fellow traveler? take surveys for cash with the blog EscapeToCulture !(Thanks to the 141 respondents who agreed to give their opinion).

The frequency at which you listen to music

Everyone listens to music. Nobody can escape. The results of this survey highlight the predominant importance of music in our lives. 40% of respondents say they listen to music continuously and more than 50% agree this time at least once a day.

There are plenty of opportunities to listen to music

There are plenty of opportunities for listening to music. Whether it’s morning, work, sports … all the circumstances seem to be conducive to listening to your favorite sound. Difficult to imagine an evening without music (63.1%). Yet, you are 45% not needing a special opportunity to listen to music!

You listen to music in good company

The best company with which you listen most to music is yourself. Conclusion: Music is your best companion. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to share a musical moment with friends (73%), couples (48.9%) or family (41.1%).

The media on which you listen to music

Music originates over time and the main media for your music is the Internet, with the use of dedicated applications (74.5%) and direct search on the web (66.7%). The systematic use of our smartphones seems to have made it possible to create more and more personalized and accessible spaces for us to consume sound. Radio is still a major medium for listening to music (57.4%). Live and concerts seem to be rare and privileged moments, and therefore not necessarily accessible to all. Finally, television remains a very marginal medium for the diffusion of music.

The media on which you listen to music

Not surprisingly, the main supports for listening to music are connected, with the use of smartphones (78.7%) and computers (83%). Your radio does not leave you either, for 44.7% of you.

Listen to music, do not make you a geek

Geek and music do not rhyme well together! There are no apparent links between the two concepts. Unanimously, music is not a characteristic specific to geeks, despite the increasing use of technologies around music.

Streaming and downloading: from where the music you listen

Streaming is undoubtedly the most common way (60.3%) to get music today. Illegal downloading (29.8%) and the purchase of music (21.3%) remain opposed and yet little used solutions. In the margins, the traditional media of music diffusion persist in our habits of consumption of this sound drug. Our practices around music are obviously changing, thanks to the emergence of new technologies. Some have experienced audio cassettes, CDs, music players … Today, we see connected headphones, dedicated applications and intelligent. In short, if music does not change, we have more and more possibilities to let music accompany us in our daily lives.

Thank you for all your comments, some of which we publish anonymously: For you, listening to music is …

The beauty almost cost the life to the  singer Alejandra Guzmán

Yes, it costs hours of exercise, a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep, not smoking, not drinking a lot of beer, depilating with wax and sometimes sleeping with those annoying plastic or sponge tubes at best.

Times have changed and beauty has changed method, that is, it has continued to cost, but now it is money. Technology and life itself have allowed women to change the old methods mentioned above and enter fully into the modernization of laser hair removal or electrolysis, eliminate the gym hours with a liposuction and why not, give yourself a few little lujitos like The breast or gluteal implant.Alejandra Guzmán Beauty costs and almost costs the life to the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán

However, today thousands of women in the world have understood how true that ancient and well-known saying is …

And such was the case of the Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán who has been on two occasions between life and death for being as her theme “eternally beautiful” says.

In recent days in Mexico City, the rumor that the singer had been hospitalized urgently for having received a bullet ran like wildfire in the media. It was herself through her Twitter account who informed her fans the reality of what happened.

La Guzman tweeted his fans “a small incision to regenerate it, plus 3 weeks of rest leave me like Ferrari to give it ALL.”

A bad butt job cause

It should be noted that the cause of the sudden hospitalization of the “Queen of Hearts” were the pains caused by a strong infection in the buttocks as a result of a lousy and irresponsible aesthetic treatment performed in the cosmetic and laser clinic of Mrs. Valentina de Albornoz.

It all started in 2009 when the rocker entered the hospital for the first time after being intoxicated with the cosmetic product that was injected in that place.

And Guzman declared his suffering. “A fibromatosis that has necrosis in the fat, there was the risk that it affected the brain or the nerves and I can stay or dizzy or paralytic”.

She admitted that she spent moments of great physical and emotional pain , but she was able to get ahead thanks to the love of her family and all her fans and friends who were with her throughout this process.

Every time he left the hospital. The interpreter filed a lawsuit against Albornoz, which prospered leaving her in jail. Other celebrities of the medium as well as women who had received the same product that the singer similarly filed his own lawsuit.

After the events was closed by the authorities the place where the treatments were practiced, because in the clinic called “Valentina Aesthetic Medicine” unfortunately did not have the required permits or asepsis mandatory for the realization of them.

Some local media reported that the substance injected was nothing other than polimetaclaro  that is nothing other than the product with which compact discs are made.

Sources close to the singer reported that she could leave the hospital next Monday and that she was more lively, and even with her characteristic humor. He uploaded a photo on social networks for all his followers where in his own way made fun of that they had invented that he had been shot.

Many of his fans have circulated the petition through the media and social networks and on YouTube prayer chains for the health of Guzmán Pinal.

Alejandra Guzmán has already won the battle against breast cancer that she suffered in the past.

The tireless warrior of the Pinal dynasty promised to her fans to write new subjects while recovering in the hospital.

President of the Panamanian Association of Surgery concerned

The case of Alejandra Guzmán has been so well-known in Latin America that even the president of the Panamanian Association of Surgery , Dr. Luis Carlos Moreno, mentioned her concern about the case, since at least six people have had complications after one Cosmetic surgery – “There are people who are not suitable for this,” he said, adding that he would not like a replica of the singer’s case in Panamanian territory.

As we can see the beauty costs a lot.

We wish to Mrs. Alejandra Guzman an early restoration.

Musician’s Hobby: What is an inflatable canoe?

An inflatable canoe is a container that simulates the design of a nutrient canoe, but in an inflatable package. The advantages of such a canoe are portability and cost. In some cases, they are significantly more stable than nutrient canoes. However, inflatable canoes may also have some Disadvantages.

Since the first rubber canisters arrived in the market, the inflatable base technology has increased enormously. While any inflatable product can be drilled, just as the hull of a boat can be drilled with the right material, the latest inflatables have come a long way to protect you. Some are also classified by fast class IV, among the most difficult most people will want to face alone.

Like any

Inflatable, the most important part of the inflatable canoe is the air blder. This is what holds the air in place and gives the boat its buoyancy. In some cases, the blder air may include more rooms, which will help balance the pressure during the inflatable canoe and make it as complete and uniform inflation.

The inflatable canoe can be a number of different materials, depending on the quality and durability wanted. Many vinyl I PVC. Other materials include polyester and high strength waterproof fabric. Those who decide that they want to buy an inflatable canoe would do well to investigate the various materials and opinions of the different models.

One of the most common uses of an inflatable canoe is fishing. Due to the cost factor and maneuverability, they are ideal boats for lake fishing. However, their light weight may mean that they tend to get sucked around, even the slightest of winds. In such cases, the use of an anchor should be considered. Many anchors in the market are equipped with soft edges, which makes them particularly useful in an inflatable canoe.

While some of the models of inflatable canoes that I have to resemble kayaks, inflatable kayaks are usually not actual kayaks. This is because the user is not usually tied in inflatable kayaks. However, this type of tire can provide even better handling.

Who is looking for an best rated inflatable kayaks for use in open water should consider looking at a sporting goods store or online. Many stores will offer inflatable boats, but some of them can not be more than inflatable toys suitable for use in a pool or some other protected area. Inflatable toys, no matter what they may look like, should not be used on the high seas.

Inflatable canoes are available in a variety of sizes and prices. Some can be found for as little as $ 200 US Dollars (USD). Others may be closer to $ 800 USD. The price difference between models is often attributed to the materials used and the type of water, such as fast rapids, which may be suitable for.


Do you need music to relax dogs and cats? When a dog is nervous, restless and agitated, one of the best ways to calm it is to use relaxing music for dogs.


If your dog has a bad day, this post is for him! There are many events that can put a dog nervous, anxious or upset . For example, a visit to the veterinarian, a surgical intervention (an operation), the arrival of a new dog or cat home, loud noises on the outside, or even fireworks.

If your dog is afraid of firecrackers , read this post about pyrotechnics and dogs , where we tell you what to do exactly to calm down (and believe us, the trick we give, really works). In addition to this, there is something simple, free and very beneficial to calm dogs . And it is nothing other than music.

We all know the famous phrase “music tames the beasts” . And it is true (music tunes to wild beasts and human beasts) Music is perceived by the ear, one of the most acute senses dogs have. The main meaning for dogs is smell, and second in importance to them, is their sense of hearing.

The ears of the dogs are excellent and very fine . Dogs can hear sounds from distances 4 times farther than humans, can hear frequencies and sounds that the human ear does not even perceive at all. That is why it sometimes seems that dogs  bark “to nothing” , when in fact they did  hear something , which is inaudible to us humans).

Also, types of medium dogs are able to distinguish sounds that for us are all the same, for example, distinguish the noise of your vehicle , the noise of any other vehicle approaching home.


Having such a fine ear and being sentient and thinking beings , it is only natural that dogs like music . There are many examples of this, many videos on youtube in which a puppy is happy and jumping when a lively music sounds.

In addition to making them happy (like us), the right music can penetrate our inner and the dogs , and modify the emotional state that we have at that time. Somehow, the sound, is able to order and put in place our emotions and those of dogs. That is why there are new alternative therapies, based on sounds and music. So can I use music to calm dogs? Of course you can, in fact it is an excellent practice and custom.

Music to relax dogs (video)

Watch these relaxation music videos for dogs and cats . You just have to play, play the music near your puppy, and put the speaker of your computer or phone to a suitable volume. You do not have to raise the volume very much, remember that your ear is thinner than ours, and neither do we want to overwhelm or disturb them with too loud music.

A good idea is to let your dog lie down in his favorite place (his bed or couch, for example) and play this music close to him while lying down to make him relax even more, and even fall asleep Placidly.

Did you like this relaxing music for dogs ? Are you going to try it with your puppy? Tell me in the comments that you have gone, and if you have achieved the results you expected.

Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato: Tips for Eliminating Blackheads!

Along with the granites, how to get rid of blackheads on nose are other of the great enemies of an impeccable complexion. If you still wonder why they come out to you, and what you can do to remove them, these tips are for you. Keep reading!

The black spots are other of the imperfections of the skin that appear regularly, and in front of which we usually lose the patience . Like granites, their appearance puts in check the full appearance of our complexion, but fortunately there is much that we can do to reverse the situation and look a free skin of this type of marks that are born in response to excessive production of bait on Our pores. If very recently Ariana Grande’s hand showed us how to enlarge our lips with make uptoday is again the singer next to Demi Lovato that serves as an example to reshape everything we can do to combat the much-feared blackheads. If you are looking for the formula to repair your complexion, These tips will interest you. Do not miss them!

Demi Lovato, sunglasses, short hair, summer look
Demi Lovato, like any expert beauty, takes care of her complexion with specific products


So that excessive production of bait does not get trapped in our skin, and later it is oxidized, it is very important that we give extra care to our skin. In this sense is that it will be important to cleanse our face twice daily with special products and in the same way perform a weekly exfoliation. Demi Lovato, who recently gave us the best tips for choosing the perfect mask , is very clear that for these types of routines to be effective it is important to be constant. In cases where the presence of black spots is excessive, it is advisable to go to the specialist who will be the right person to design the most effective treatment to combat them.

Ariana Big, sexy, singer, beautiful, concert
The singer knows the best tricks to exfoliate a skin with blackheads


But to give battle to the black spots will not be enough with the classic routines of beauty . If you want to prevent the appearance of new marks of this type, and make disappear those that are already on your face, nothing better than applying a mask made of clay. There are different types, but in all cases their properties are able to work miracles on our skin. Thanks to its high exfoliating power, the masks made with this material will contribute to the cellular regeneration, and therefore to make your skin look fresher.


If you are tired of seeing your black spots on your nose every time you approach a good source of light, we have good news . The cleaning strips that you can get at any pharmacy will help you get rid of it with less effort than you imagine. It is a very easy to apply product, which will help you to unclog your pores . You only have to moisten one of its sides, and support it in the area that you are interested in working. If you want to have a face free of imperfections like the Taylor Swfityou can use this treatment, but never forget the cleaning routines essential and performed regularly. And you? How do you fight your black spots?

Top 10: books on music that you have to read

For music lovers also you need to have a good selection of books about music, this beautiful discipline. On this occasion I made a list of the top 10 music books; autobiographies, history books, which have been mentioned by media as Pitchfork, NME, The Guardian and Rolling Stone. Many of them can be easily found at an affordable cost in some of the libraries of our country, while others are available only on the Internet. Here is the list of the top 10 music books:

Energy Flash –  Simon Reynolds

Originally published in 1998 and republished in 2008. The book tells the story of the scene of electronic music and rave culture from Chicago house and Detroit techno until the late nineties, to Ibiza and influence, Madchester, acid house and rave legendary UK, until the birth of new scenes.


Insurgent is an adult novel about science fiction released in 2012, it is the second part of Divergent trilogy. Read insurgent PDF now!
The Rest Is Noise: Listening to the 20th Century –  Alex Ross

It is a journey into the labyrinth of modern music, which for many people still serves as a dark world and imposing.  The Rest Is Noise  shows several of the best composers of the twentieth century the influence that goes from Vienna before the First War World to Paris in the twenties, Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia to downtown New York in the sixties and seventies to the present.

Rip It Up and Start Again: Postpunk 1978-1984 –  Simon Reynolds

It is hard to imagine that you can learn something punk, Rip It Up and Start Again  is the first book that explores and takes you through the punk scene. Retrieves those bands who knew how to see in the conditions generated by the punk opportunity to establish a real break with tradition and experience outside the narrow parameters of the rock. The book talks about bands like PiL, Joy Division, The Fall, The Slits, Devo, The Residents, Throbbing Gristle or Liquid Liquid, among others, and in it, Simon Reynolds pays homage to one of the last vanguards that gave rock .


How Music Works  – David Byrne

The multifaceted David Byrne shares his vision about music in How Music Works , a book that explains how technology in the twenty – first century and today has changed the way we listen to music, plus it makes us understand what it is and what it is not music.    

Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music –  Greg Milner

Greg Milner has a history of recorded music, from its origins to today. It analyzes different technologies and their impact on society and disputes that caused each new invention.

Techno Rebels –  Dan Sicko

This is a broad and updated version of techno music, which pays special attention to the Detroit scene. Techno Rebels  gives a complete picture of the music itself and pioneering musicians behind it, it is a must read for all lovers techno, folk music and contemporary culture.

31 Songs –  Nick Hornby

In a new collection of essays, Nick Hornby revealed the 31 songs that are part of the soundtrack of your life. If you’re a music lover this book is a “must”, he will make you laugh, mourn, it will take you to many places and moments of life. It is so sweet and witty, so delicate and sensitive. 31 Songs  is one of the best in Hornby.

Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album –  Matthew Robertsom

Between 1978 and 1992, Factory Records was placed as one of the most important record labels in England; Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays. Next to the legendary club The Hacienda, they put to music as a concept of high quality, aesthetics and design. Factory Records: The Complete Graphic Album  is a visual tour of all the posters and album of the legendary label. This is a book for music lovers and designers cabezera is.

Autobiography –  Morrissey

Morrissey published this book in October 2013, a controversial book, published under the Penguin Classics imprint. The book covers the childhood and adolescence of Morrissey, his time as lead singer of The Smiths, his subsequent solo career. His legal battles with The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce, who sued for royalties in 1990.

Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division –  Peter Hook

In Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, Peter Hook, Joy Division bassist takes us backstage with the band that helped define the sound of a generation. Tells the story of Joy Division from the unique perspective of one of the members of the band, told with humor and surprising many details.


Musical furniture, for adults and children

When you think there is nothing that can surprise you in a matter of tables or chairs, get someone who gets it, today I have surprised the creators of Musical Furnishings engaged in the manufacture and sale of furniture in addition to being fully functional as such, they can also serve as musical instruments.

In his collection, which is also very wide, there are tables and chairs mainly varied models, some children like you see in the picture that heads this article, painted in bright colors, others in natural wood, for common spaces the house and designed for the whole family, all with the same common denominator, allow us to make music.

musical swing

In these other images we can see some other parts of his collection, catering equipment hire, coffee tables for the living room, outdoor seating type swing … there’s a bit of everything and is the best that each piece can be used without any problems for general use for which it has been designer, but at the time when we want, we can use it to play a piece of music to our liking.

musical table

Obviously this music in the cabinet can have pros and cons, I whenever I see someone gives him a musical instrument to a child, I have mixed feelings, first think how much you will have fun small, on the other hand I think it who they suffer neighbors and even parents, although it silent … something like that can happen with these musical furniture in the hands of someone who plays bad, can be torture.

Creating a free music website

If you like the music or the musicians, you may have the dream of owning your own site music. Create a music site is simple as long as you use a creator of online websites.


  1. Create a free website using a creator of web sites such as webs.com or nom de domaine Clicweb.
  2. Select one of the templates offered by the program that you have chosen. There are many varieties of templates that can be adapted to different styles. 
  3. Add images to your music site uploading relevant photos. You should have copyright of the photos to avoid problems. Add photos by clicking on the ‘Add Picture’ button (add photo) template.
  4. Write relevant content for your website. You need to clarify that type of music will transmit. If it’s a web site for your own music, be sure to let visitors know it before entering the home page. If you are going to create a music site that talks about musical artists and their achievements, you need to investigate and get the appropriate data.The most important aspect of a website is its content, so you must be well written and true. Add content by clicking the “Add Text” button (add text) template. 
  5. Add your site examples of music and videos. To upload a video you can use one of the options of the template, by clicking on the button “Insert Video” (insert video) of the template you chose, or simply place links to other web sites to avoid copyright problems.If you put a song or video on your web site, you must have the permission of the record companies. In some cases, you will have to pay royalties to show videos and move songs. 
  6. Get an authorization record labels or artists to allow your web site allow the songs and videos to download. Never allow free downloads of music artists and record labels that they did not give you permission to do this. 
  7. Saves the web site and starts to spread it. You can start by sending the link to the web site to your family and friends, in addition to adding the link to the site on social networks, like Facebook and Twitter


Tips and warnings

  • Create a web site of music goes far beyond passing music and have well written content. Music web sites often have copyright problems, since music is often placed on these sites to download without permission.

10 movies about music that you have to see before you die

Because we know that your love for music goes beyond the songs, here we presents a list of 10 movies about music that you have to watch.

From documentaries, fiction and in varied genres, are ideal for any music lover. Check them out by clicking on watch series online and tell us what you think.

  1. High Fidelity: John Cusack stars as a seller of a record store in Chicago Yachting a stunning vinyl catalog as it muddles through their love problems. Full warranty.
  2. Almost Famous: a classic of classics. If you haven’t seen the full movie, insurance place the bus scene in which all singing Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” or at least the poster with the face of Kate Hudson. The story of a 15-year-old boy who goes on tour with a band will give you desire to go out on tour.
  3. Thunder Soul: “It was the seventies: nice dancing, nice afros, it was girls, girls, girls…” (“They were the seventies: was dancing, afros and girls, girls, girls…”) what else can we say? The soul is everything what gives this produced documentary Jamie Foxx that tells the story of a band of high school that he revolutionized the world of soul in the 1970s.
  4. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Click to watch Free Movies Online.

  5. Across the Universe: if you haven’t seen this film, it is time you stop everything you’re doing and you get to see her. The love story of Jude and Lucy in the midst of the political and social problems of the 60’s and a hippie world of psychedelia is a must for any lover of music. Why? No more or less than because the entire film revolves around the Beatles, its music and its aesthetic. You’ll love it.
  6. Muscle Shoals: this movie is a celebration to Rick Hall, the founder of studies FAME in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, one of the most important and influential in the world of music. If you ever wondered how was the beginnings of the industry, this documentary you will love.
  7. Walk the Line: this moving film tells the story of Johnny Cash, his musical career and his love affair with June Carter. It has excellent performances deJoaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon and if this legend of country music like you fall in love with you from the soundtrack of the film.
  8. The Runaways: the band that launched to stardom to Joan Jett has its own film and starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning comoCherrie Curie. A good portrait of how the rock industry from the perspective of the girl power.
  9. control: this documentary chronicles the life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division, until his suicide at the age of 23. It was co-produced by his widow, Deborah, and directed by Anton Corbjin, the official photographer of the band.
  10. End of the Century: the story of the Ramones: a spectacular portrait of New York in the 1970s, CBGB’s and the movement punk. Have you ever wondered what is to be in a band with Joey, Dee Dee and Johnny? This documentary is the answer.

The best films about musicians

Cinema and rock are there; they are like two friends that can take a long time without being and when they return to match the first thing they do is ask for a beer and resume it where left it the last time. Rock stars always liked them out on screen, as in that mythical scene where Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) challenges to Michael J. Fox in a race car in back to the future III .

But also the rockers (because the rock is the genre of the film by excellence) have served as inspiration for stories. When there is no where to scratch, a good biopic ensures box office, at least in the us, awards, prestige, and also curiosity. But to us what we want now is that hybrid genre in which one can speak of good Movie2k that are featuring musicians.

As fans of this crossroads, we have made a small survey in which classic titles, have been notable bizarradas and some hidden pearls that not ashamed us to recognize that they are part of youtubeonfire video library.

Crazy by Mary: Is true that this is not a film about music, a biopic or the more Orthodox way to start a list… But Loco por Mary is, without doubt, a musical film. It is as well.Jonathan Richmann sharpens his Fang vampire of letters and climbed a tree, or where necessary, you will be telling as a troubadour of the middle ages by what Ben Stiller has so many emotional problems with Cameron Diaz. If you take away the songs to the film, he is left with nothing. The Farrelly never returned a call to which was leading The Modern Lovers and so long ago that nobody laughs (not even WinCE joy) his films.

Fifty Shades of Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2015 British-American erotic romantic drama film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson with a screenplay by Kelly Marcel. The film is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by British author E. L. James. It stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. Steele is a college graduate who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with young business magnate Grey.

The film premiered at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival on February 11, 2015, and had a wide theatrical release on February 13, 2015, by Universal Pictures. Despite mixed reviews, it was an immediate box office success, breaking numerous box office records and earning over $570 million worldwide. It is currently the seventh-highest-grossing film of 2015.

Its sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, are scheduled to be released on February 10, 2017, and February 9, 2018 respectively. There is also a special option for you, to read the novel 50 Shades of Grey as told by Christian, for those who want to take another point of view at the story.

Control: Ian Curtis was sad all the time, and was come to his end would be if was (“a body turn in the kitchen, the end of a rope tied to a beam”). And that is why Anton Corjbin made a dark, intense, sad, and industrial film. It could not be otherwise. The Dutch director knew well to Joy Division, worked with them, and it shows. You know how the story will end, but at some point you have the hope to change the destiny of this genius of epileptic dances and voice from beyond the grave. More than cinema, seems a nice poem by those reading funerals to the people who have done things in life.

Walk the Line: Johnny Cash was that man’s deep voice that reinterpreted NIN, Glenn Danzig or Depeche Mode topics on disks that recorded together with Rick Rubin, and who are still getting the creeps. It is also an icon of the country, and also the first punk.How? So yes, your life has nothing to envy to the heroes of the ‘no future’, with the difference that was able to stop the truck. The film about his life, and his love affair with June Carter, is an authentic videoclip, but is as well played (and Sung) by Joaquin Phoenix can be seen again and again.

Last Days: Gus Van Sant is a director who plant the camera and wait. Sometimes students of Elephant, go ahead sometimes skaters or Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In this film, he left the camera planted so we saw a blonde grunge that it looked like Kurt Cobain by tapping his guitar, down the bare field, watching TV and waiting for something. Visited it Kim Gordon and salesmen door to door, but it didn’t. How to talk about Kurt Cobain without mentioning Kurt Cobain. Pure rage grunge but to the beat of Van Sant. That is, pausadito.

Bird: Clint Eastwood had already made a film about a country singer, though he also one of fights that accompanied him a monkey. What we mean is that Clint can do what give the wins, and that it also has very good taste in music. Why put hands to work the life of Charlie Parker. The result was a film that explains very well jazz everyone that every time you start a song fall asleep to the second only trumpet.

School of Rock: a jewel. Richard Linklater brings proof that ‘family’ cinema does not have to be a shit (even if it is in 90 percent of cases). Good and Jack ‘Fat’ Black, who knows how to shake their round body on display as no one: from the videos of your group to the follies done with Dave Grohl in that mythical Foo Fightersvideo. Here is a substitute teacher, a star low hours, that teaches their kids to rock out. At the beginning it gives absolute the sloths. But at some point, how is not well known, comes the magic in the classroom.

24 Hour Party People: Ay, the Manchester sound. Oh, the passage of the post-punk to the spring of love (obrero) in Thatcher’s England. Oh, The Factory… Happy Mondays, New order, A Certain Ratio, the red-haired of Simply Red at a concert by the Sex Pistols, Tony Wilson… Damn Michael Winterbottom, we saw falling pigeons crashing down from the sky and knew that the time had passed. He even comforts us to listen again and again the first album by The Stone Roses.

The ghost of paradise: not confuse this movie with a recording of a similar title Broadway musical performed with 100 cameras and 3 Directors during a function in New York. The Brian DePalma film is (how not?) a true Psychotronic delirium. Next to The Wall and Quadrophenia is the best demonstration of what baked in film and music in the 1970s. A man who sells his soul for rock and roll (is not an exaggeration, so is how sold it in those days) and that’s come from those who stole his talent to hit songs and aporrenado a body. A psychedelic delirium.

Symphaty for the Devil/One plus One: Jean Luc Godard makes deep movies, other Libertines, and ground-breaking, also is manifest, and 80 years flying minds with the 3D.So it is not anything unusual that in the seventies is inward-looking with the Rolling Stones and recorded them composing their legendary song in addition to unload its avalanche of anti-establishment and political messages. At the time Godard gave him out there. The film is a gem for ‘stonianos’ that allow someone to debunk the band, but what is really good is to think what could happen between the four walls of the Studio during the filming.

10 films/documentaries about guitarist

We offer you a list of 10 movies/documentaries of musicians guitarists for you to spend a good time. There is a little of everything. You can read this before each viewing. If you want to see full movies/documentaries, find them at putlocker movies.

Crossroads: the Karate Kid kid leaves the kimono at home, it catches a telecaster, begins to see Chachi Guitar tutorials and just playing good blues. The final Monster is the smug Steve Vai.crossroadsSound City: loads of groups such as Nirvana, Rage against the Machine, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, etc. recorded their anthology albums in these studies that are shit. What is the secret?Apparently a mixture of year-round catapum table.

sound cityWith regard to Rodriguez: The musician Ramón Rodriguez is bajona, very in bajona, until one day his friend Ricky Falkner tells him that be beard and engaged to sing in Spanish. He makes case, becomes The New Raemon, starts to compose fucking, some songs in minutes and starts to have the success that you deserve.new raemonSome Kind of Monster: as a fan of Metallica in my younger days, is curious to see how the higher band heavy metal of the world is incapable of getting along with each other and as you decide to tackle the creative break for years. Interesting to see the process of composition, recording, fight and destruction when there are too many for the tickets.Metallica

Scott Pilgrim against the world: Scott Pilgrim and his band indie have to fight against the EXEs of Ramona to get it to her, the girl of his dreams. Ramona, I love this girl’s name, could be repeating it for hours, Ramona, Ramona… Very of comic, descojone, chachi.scott pilgrim

It might get loud: Are sitting The Edge, Jack White and Jimmy Page there and goes to The Edge, and tells them: -my guitar sound is the best because I use zillions effects with so many amps with not be few more processing effectss; is Jack White and tells them: -my guitar sound is the best because it is pure, primitive, old-style; is Jimmy Page and said to them: – Fuck you! I am JimmyPage have the best single in the history of music. Pa likes guitars.it might get loudIndependents: here Indie indie, indie invades us. But where does the indie MOM? How and when was born the indie? As son come to Radio 3 and ask for a man named Julio Ruiz. And since you are come down to Granada and seeks to the planets, Lagartija Nick, Lori Meyers…independientesTenacious D in The Pick of Destiny: to be fucking master guitar Jack Black and Kyle Glass, the real Tenacious D, have to look for the Barb with superpowers that keeps the devil. Messing, guitars and guttural screams to not leave you indifferenttenacious dSearching for Sugar Man: has to be fucking the situation of having to leave music to devote yourself to the construction while your songs are a mass phenomenon in a country that is not yours without you knowing it. This is what was apparently going to Mr. Rodríguez (Ramon you not). We are going to seek him and ask him.sugar man

Anvil: leaves that a band of heavy eighties metal, completely unsuccessful and old-fashioned teach you not to never abandon your dream of succeeding with your group. Brutal. See the leader so good-natured that it finally melt the heart of fans all over the world and the band is currently more active than ever.anvil

The guitarist Michael Clifford got his hair burns in the show

Michael Clifford guitarist of Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer was the victim of a serious accident on stage Saturday night, when offered a concert in the state of Wembley City London. Clifford 19-year-old was playing one of the songs of the band when a cannon spitting fire as part pyrotechnics show approached. The flame reached to burn part of his left face and hair sponge, guitarist was rushed to a hospital to treat his burns. Hours later Clifford got into his account Instagram a photo and posted a message in which he reported that his condition is stable and added with humor: “I’m sorry I could not but at least I look finish with two faces. Thank you for caring. ” Accompanied by a picture in which he appears with half his face bandaged. Recently Enrique Iglesias fingers by touching a drone at full speed while giving a show in Tijuana, the singer ended with a bloody hand and went all the way with its cut presentation, clear sign of their professionalism. During a concert in New Zealand, Lady Gaga had an accident that left her with bruises on her face, bent Gaga a moment and when you get up, one of the dancers accidentally hit a pipe steel. 4 years ago, Luis Fonsi had an accident in one of his presentations in Argentina, when he came to sing to his fans, and a bad flamethrower placed reached to seize the arm causing a severe burn. But a similar accident nearly spending when the former member of One Direction, Harry Styles about his hair burning with flamethrowers tube was part of the scenery, but Zayn Malik rushed to his rescue and took him away from the flames. In 2012, Justin Bieber hit the head with a glass wall, while offering a concert in Paris, the incident caused him to faint on stage that prevented him from continuing with his presentation.

A century of music and marijuana

Hoja de marihuana

The March of one million dope: curious name for a date who aspires to inherit the spirit of the March of a million men, who met in Washington in 1995 to thousands of people for racial equality. The March of a million joints held in more than 150 cities in the world to request the legalization of marijuana. Although it meets the first Saturday of may, this Thursday is the International day for the legalization of Cannabis.

Originally from the Himalayas, cultivated by man for thousands of years, cannabis is illegal since less than a century ago. That does not prevent that buds (marijuana) and derivatives (its resin, hashish) are consumed by millions of people. Embedded in Western culture, cannabis was also protagonist in literature, cinema and music. How do you delved into them? What genres they learned of its aroma? What musicians were consumers and, by extension, ‘criminals’?

Fast days

The romance between marijuana and music emerged in the 1920s, in days of confusion, vitality and jazz. Symbol of blackness, the freedom and passion of a race, the jazz sound comes to Chicago or New York in suitcases and hearts of thousands of blacks from southern cities like New Orleans. In addition to jazz, travels the permissive spirit and his marijuana.

The cannabis was grown all over us, but only to make clothing and ropes. It was shortly before, in 1910, when Mexicans fled their revolution popularized smoking their flowers in the South of the USA. The jazz learned the lesson: for many of his musicians, it helped to play, eliminated limits, it was ‘flow’. Sprout so consumers musicians names: Hoagy Carmichael, Milton Mezzrow (mediocre trumpeter who in turn, passed the best grass in Chicago) or Louis Armstrong, sentenced to five years for a cigarette butt (failed the penalty).

Give a hit, John.

Until its ban in 1937, hundreds of songs spoke of marijuana, then consumed by the beatniks to jump, thanks to the hippie and musicians such as Willie Nelson, to other genres. Bob Dylan, who, as Gainsbourg , it proved by the writer to the Aronowitz, changed in the Act. Farewell to folk and politics: his rusty throat proclaimed, as in Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, the virtues of grass without leaving plenty to the imagination. “To be placed all over the world!”, proclaimed the chorus…

They were not the only thing that Dylan transmitted to other musicians songs: it was also he who became the first joint to the hitherto ‘innocent’ Beatles. Date, on 28 August 1964. The place, New York. Gather the Beatles with Dylan in a hotel, this happened to Lennon a SPLIFF: scared, the Beatle chose not to try it, but Ringo accepted it and all ended up tasting it. Since then, words like high, grass or smoke would be common in the work of a Fab Four that, as it would recognize the own Lennon, smoking “up for breakfast”. Sure, they paid for it. Like Donovan, Eric Clapton and Neil Young, the Beatles had legal problems. McCartney was twice convicted of possession, but passed it particularly badly when in 1980 he was arrested at the airport in Tokyo with a quarter kilo of Mary in the suitcase. Neither Lennon had it easy: U.S. authorities denied him for years residence for possession of hashish. The rest is history: the green card he received in 1976 and four years later, fell murdered website from her home in New York.

It stimulates the creation?

” Yes. ” Power the imagination and makes different than normal”(Antonio Escohotado, philosopher and writer). “I smoke much marijuana when I write my songs” (Lady Gaga). “Smoking THC Detox Help me to make music. Opens my mind”(Sinead O’Connor). “The joints tend to become a more tactile and sensual.” “But only for 15 minutes: take advantage of them, because then you crush, will be antanticreativos” (Joni Mitchell).

Not. “I left it. It is more to miss that to create “(Moebius, cartoonist and Illustrator, author of The Incal). “The body already sends its own drug to the brain. The drug is not removed anything new, except that one has already naturally”(Francisco Umbral). Not all musical currents are on the side of cannabis. The Straight Edge punk movement, championed by groups such as Earth Crisis, rejects the use of alcohol and drugs.

A Caribbean and historical cocktail

Say Jamaica is, for many, reggae and marijuana. Cannabis came to the country in the middle of century XIX, brought from India by collectors of sugar. Reggae is back: the soul and rhythm and blues evolved into ska, finally, to reggae, it musicalizaba the demands Rastafarians and demanded the union of all Africans and the power of the black race. The charm of Bob Marley and songs such as African herbsman or Redder than network became Ambassador of local music and grass.

Accountant and musician who suffers from multiple sclerosis received support from the community

With his friends Eduardo Castro and Aldo Rojas, Marcos Cabrera turned up for singing maña.

The case of the musician and Cloud Bookkeeper, Marcos Cabrera, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and who lives literally bedridden in his modest home in Barrancas, and which was unveiled in extensively through the pages of the leader, did not leave indifferent to the community. And this because after made public its precarious condition, signs of support were swift.

35 years old, and with a sense of humor that disturbs anyone, Marcos Cabrera Alvarado (35 years), he thanked his way along with his mother Hilda Alvarado, the concern expressed by many people. A multiple sclerosis, which was consuming it gradually was diagnosed him for eight years. Together with his mother, he spends his days in his modest home located in the calle Juan Antonio Ríos 1479 in Barrancas. Only his family and his closest friends circle, knows its stark reality.

This situation the municipality of Christmas, where he worked for long years, joined the solidarity campaign by donating a surgical Cot and mattress hurt, he was their Chief of administration and finance.

“The truth is that life us has changed much since that disease was diagnosed Marcos its, already never could sing like it did in its new wheat group, is like a child in body of large, even though at times it has notions very clear of what happens to your around”, explains her mother, who thanked the efforts driven by the municipality of the sixth Region.

In the same way Hilda Alvarado thanked the concern shown by the musician Aldo Rojas, and by the President of the Fenats, Eduardo Castro, who gave him 74 pesos, money that was raised from the penalty of the solidarity song organized to benefit.

The mother of Marco, who faithful witnessed the physical and mental deterioration suffered by his son, thanked the donation, indicating that this money will be invested for the purchase of diapers and food.

“It is not easy to accept that someone who life was healthy and normal, suffer this type of damage. Luckily, we have not been alone and God has been our great support. His closest friends, who have always been willing to help it, have also been important”, she explains while moved.

“Somehow we have met Marquito, because it was practically his public that participated in this benefit, moved by their current situation”, said Eduardo Castro.

While Aldo Rojas, said that “it was the least we could do with an artist who both gave the San Antonio music”.

The Senate passed the “law of music”

The Senate and Lawyer from Israel unanimously approved last night and became law the project known as “Law of music”, which creates a National Institute to promote artistic activity, encourages the dissemination of national music in the media and create a financing fund.

The initiative received the support of 60 senators present in the enclosure and its sanction provoked applause from artists and musicians who occupied the high boxes of the enclosure.

The Senators of all blocks gave enthusiastic backing to the initiative and participation of speakers overflowed in expressions of satisfaction, joy, satisfaction, and celebration by the proposal. They highlighted the benefits that will have the law on the dissemination of the music and the training of artists.

The standard enables the creation of a Social Cultural circuit and intends to increase the dissemination of national music in the media.

It encourages also the formation of artists and allow that national musicians touch opening for international artists and the optimization of the conditions in which the music develops live with the creation of stable live music circuit.

The project proposes the creation of centres of musical production, in the forms of live music and to support the Institute, urged the creation of a financing fund, with both State and private resources.

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